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time:2019-10-29 23:24:20

1.2AH High Power Battery

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GreenTech Electronic plant UAV lithium battery life ability to meet the 3C (25 ) rate discharge process, life 20 minutes, circulation up to 300 times, but also to meet the damp, different conditions of high temperature, high pressure, etc. Stability under. GreenTech Electronic lithium batteries UAV requirements for safety, consistency and BMS system equipped are high, and to enhance the energy density and rate, reducing power consumption has become a GreenTech Electronic UAV model aircraft battery project department Key research topics and direction.

1. Large capacity, high specific power: products using imported raw materials of high purity, excellent large current discharge performance, high capacity characteristics.

2. Better consistency: full production data, scientific with the group to ensure that the battery stable consistency.

3. Low temperature effect: products with superior low-temperature discharge acceptance, to avoid the battery during winter to continue the mileage dropped.

4. Reliability: the battery capacity and stability, the former battery factory all through voltage, capacity, tightness testing.

5. Good recovery performance: Advanced plates and electrolyte formulation has greatly improved the resilience of battery discharge.